The AJ&K Food Department was initially established in 1949, their first head quarter was at Muree. The Department was named as Civil Supply and Transport of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Northern Areas. The responsibility of this department was to purchase and distribute commodities on subsidized rates in AJ&K and Northern Areas.

The responsibility of this department was to purchase and distribute commodities on subsidized rates in AJ&K and Northern Areas. Ministry of Kashmir Affairs was controlling authority. In 1976 the AJ&K Food Department was separated from Northern Areas and was established as independent department under the AJ&K Government.

At beginning the Food Department was also providing Sugar, Salt, oil and other commodities. With the passage of time when Private market start to flourish and be able to caters the need of the people of AJ&K the Food Department reduced himself to only wheat and wheat Flour.


Supply of quality flour, who guarantee the good health to the people of AJ&K at reasonable price.

Mission Statement:

The basic mission of the Food Department is to provide wheat and Wheat Flour to the people of AJ&K in time and at subsidized rates. For this purpose Department wants to achieve these main targets in next five years.

  • Constructions of 15000 M. tons of capacity Godowns and Food Directorate at Islamabad.
  • Establishment of Food Quality Control Laboratory at Mirpur.
  • Provision of fortified Flour to the people of AJ&K.


The topography of the AJ&K is mainly hilly and mountainous with valleys and, steep stretches of plains. The majority of the rural population depends on forestry, livestock, non-formal and agricultural. Area under cultivation is around 166433 hectors which is almost 13% of the total Geographical area out of which 92% of the cultivable area is rain –fed. About 84% house holds have very small land-holding between one to two acres. Major crops are Maize, Wheat and rice; whereas minor crops are Grams pulses (red kidney beans).

The people of AJ&K mainly depend on wheat Flour provided by the Food Department or by import through private market. Private market is linked with fluctuation in Punjab. When wheat shortage occurs in Punjab or price increases in Pakistan these rates effect the AJ&K territory also, but Food Department provides the wheat flour through out the year and State at the same rates.

  • Timely procurement of wheat.
  • Proper arrangements for storage of commodities.
  • Supervision and distribution of wheat and wheat flour through prescribed dealers.
  • Quality control and price check.
  • Monitoring of Flourmills regarding wheat grinding and to ensure standard quality of wheat flour.
  • Special arrangements for the distribution of Food commodities during emergency and natural calamities.
  • Provision of quality wheat flour to the people of AJ&K.
  • Food dumping in time in snow bound Areas