AJ&K Agriculture


A skillful, competitive, sustainable, self-reliant, globally acceptable and market oriented agriculture in AJ&K.


Committed to facilitation & capacity building of the farming community to attain food security & prosperity


  • To maintain and narrow down the gap between food production and consumption.
  • To exploit the ecological comparative advantages for increasing farm income.
  • Development of horticulture sector.
  • Productivity enhancement of major field crops (maize, wheat, pulses, millets and forages).
  • Substitution of high value crops to increase the farm income.
  • Sustainable management of land and water resources.
  • Capacity Building for community participation.
  • Agricultural research, education and training.
  • Development of better varieties and improved production technologies to enhance the agricultural productivity.
  • Improvement in shelf life and marketing of fruits and vegetables.
  • Dissemination of modern improved production technologies to the farming community through print & electronic media.
  • Protection from insect pests and plant diseases.
  • Pest warning and quality control of pesticides.
  • Soil fertility and water conservation.
  • Agricultural mechanization, reclamation of land, tube wells installations and research in agricultural engineering.
  • Agricultural information and publications.
  • Agricultural statistics.


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