Services of Agriculture Department

Azad Government of the State of Jammu and Kashmir

 Soil Advisory Service:

  • Soil and water testing.
  • Fertilizer recommendation for various crops.
  • Help farmers to learn crop rotation techniques and provide solution to increase soil fertility and to enhance nutrient efficiency.
  • Train field staff on methods of collecting samples (soil & water)
  • Soil surveys and mapping.
  • Land use planning.


Seed Certification & Registration:

  • Provide seed certification and quality control cover for various crops.
  • Field inspection of the crops of registered varieties and released varieties intended for sale as basic seed or certified seed.
  • Seed processing and procurement.
  • Monitoring seed increase process.


Plant Disease and Pest Control Service:

  • Plant health/ disease investigation and control.
  • Introduction environment friendly IPM approach for reduction of crop losses caused by pests and diseases of fruits, cereal crops and vegetables.
  • Provide technical support in the field of IPM and Apiculture.
  • Recommend and provide pesticides / insecticides for control of various plant pests.


Landscaping and Floriculture:

  • Development and maintenance of Jalalabad Garden and adjoining V.VIP houses.
  • Develop floriculture points at different locations in the state.
  • Provide trainings on floriculture and landscaping and advisory services to flower growers on production technology of commercial floriculture crops.
  • Development and maintenance of new parks, green belts and open spaces.


Extension, Education and Training:

  • Pre-service and In-service training of staff.
  • Technology Transfer through print media and electronic media.
  • Provides written material to farmers for updating agricultural knowledge.
  • Farmer group formation and organizing community organizations.
  • Arrange quality inputs as per farmer’s demand.


Farm Machinery:

  • Provides agricultural machinery to farmers for ploughing, threshing etc at subsidized rates in remote areas.
  • Technical help for soil conservation.
  • Help to bring culturable waste land into culturable agricultural land.


Certified Seed for cereal Crops: (Agronomy)

  • Evaluate and screen suitable crop varieties.
  • Promote pulses and other special crops.
  • Establish production technology of different cereals and forage crops for further dissemination to farmers.


Apiculture (Bee Keeping)

  • Introduce bee keeping as source of income generation in AJK.